Brief Notes on Weaponry and Combat

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Brief Notes on Weaponry and Combat

Post by Storyteller on Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:38 pm

Go as in-depth in your description as you like. I will assume competence if you don't wish to go into fine details. I'm not expecting any technical knowledge (I have very little either, so wouldn't be a good judge of it if you did).

Some general rules of thumb:

- Spears and pole-arms will beat swords/closer weapons nine times out of ten.
- Mounted fighters excel... but only if they are moving.
- Unless you are in range, running away is the safest option. You are a heroic adventurer though, so competence will be assumed when you do engage.

If you are going more in-depth (unless explicitly stated, I will assume these rules are followed):

- Strike at structural points (eyebrows, ears, jaw, short ribs, hips, knees, ankles). They are much, much harder to defend and are more effective when they hit.
- Don't defend without threatening an opponent - don't attack if you will be hit doing so.
- Be creative and go with the flow! Sometimes pommel strikes, hitting with the cross-guard, grapples, kicks, and grabbing the opponent's weapon are not only cool, but the best option.

If you decide to go into details, I will do my best to provide images of how the opponent is standing/holding their weapon, as it can be very hard to effectively describe.

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