The World/Environment

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The World/Environment

Post by Storyteller on Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:28 pm

I'll drop some maps and stuff in this post. They'll be organised in spoilers so it should be easy enough to navigate.

For now:

The world is based on England from the 10th-15th centuries. It's an 'alternate timeline' so I can put cities in the wrong places, mix up eras and introduce various different elements (and basically just make things up instead of researching them).

Some ideas/context for adventurers to adventure with:

- Growing conflict between church and state after the death of Archbishop Caldwell.
- Potential involvement of other Kingdoms on the isle (Cornwall, Wales, Northumberland, Scotland) and off (the Irish Kingdoms, France, Spain, Denmark).
- Irish pirates around the coasts, growing trade with Spain/France.
- Bounties on said pirates, and notorious bandits.
- Burgeoning trade and the rise of mercantilism/the very beginning of the Age of Exploration creates plenty of economic strife... I mean, opportunities.

Feel free to comment requests for resources Smile

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